We have many pets visit with us, please, call for RESERVATIONS.
Hello, pets and families!
It is Football season!
Want to attend a game?
Need a place for your pet(s) to visit while you are at the football game? 

Plan your pets' vacations with Pack Your Pets in mind.
We are filling up quite quickly days before and after the holidays. Please, call now to find out if we have room for your pets' stay. 

THANK YOU, ALL for allowing us to give your pet(s) a deserving vacation while you are away on yours! They will have all the creature comforts of home.
Please, fill out the Pet Information Sheet provided on our site and let us know all about your pet(s) before they come stay with us. Knowing this information will help us keep your pet comfortable while you are away. Please, call for reservations.

Not put in cages all day
Home Away From Home
We know all animals are different in their needs! We accommodate them with their own space if due to an inability to get along with other animals. Your pet will still have lots of time to enjoy the yard.
We do not like keeping the dogs/cats caged/kenneled all the time.  It is important that they are allowed to run, play and bark. We have 4 ft and 5 ft fencing. PLEASE, know your dogs' habits and whether they can climb or jump over the fence! We have 10ftx10ft kennels, if needed.  
We are a family run home-based pet care business and we each have multiple pets of our own. Our pets are every bit a part of our families as we know your pets are to yours.  We do cuddle, pet and love the pets while their families are away.
      PACK YOUR PETS'                       PROMISE ​​
All pets including DOGS, CATS, RABBITSei
BIRDS, HAMSTERS, GERBILS, BIRDS, etc. deserve love, safety and security.  Furthermore, a family will feel comforted knowing their pet(s) are not home alone.
As the weather changes and the temperature starts to get colder, we will make sure your pets are warm and cozy during their stay.