We care about your pets and take the time to treat them with love and kindness while they are in our care!

     Here at Pack Your Pets we know how much you love your pets. Therefore, we treat your pets like they are a member of our own family.  
     Each pet will receive the love and care they need to keep them happy and safe during their time at Pack Your Pets. You will receive several notifications each day showing how much fun your pets are having as they go through their day.
     We assist pets who are learning to socialize with other animals. We take the time to exercise them so they can maintain their physical health. Your pets will receive a healthy meal, as well, because they will be very active. When you pick them up they will be happy to see you and introduce you to all their new friends they made during their stay. Remember, this is the place for Your Pets' Furloughs!
     We want them to be happy and safe so you can enjoy your vacation, business trip, family get-together, etc.
     If you have any questions, please take time to view the site or call Mitzy D. at 334-672-3557. We look forward to meeting your pets and you here at Pack Your Pets: Your Pets' Furloughs!! 

  1. Wanda Vinson
    Wanda Vinson
    I am a hands-on owner who loves animals. I think it is important to provide love and attention to all the animals that stay with us. I love to make sure that not only the pets are happy but also their owners, who the pets consider mama and/or daddy!
  2. Mitzy D.
    Mitzy D.
    I love taking time to play and love on each animal. The unconditional love that each animal gives in return makes my day worthwhile. 334-672-3557
  3. Jeremy
    I spend my weekends spoiling the dogs by playing fetch, giving belly rubs and cuddling! I find it very relaxing and humble.
  4. Liane and Tabitha, P/T
    Liane and Tabitha, P/T
    These two ladies not only have multiple pets in their own homes, they spend time with the pets here at PYP. They both have a keen sense of responsibility and pure devotion to the pets.
  5.  Katie Hale
    Katie Hale
    G-Mom to every pet, and, you, too! 334-465-1765